Sunday, 16 September 2012

If You’ve Got it Flaunt it

Many of my close friends know that I am very much a defender of women’s rights and a staunch supporter of encouraging women to be independent and to live their lives to the fullest.  While I would like to think that I am an Independent woman who does not depend on others for her well being, no one person can achieve this goal.

I am dependent on the government for ensuring there are schools for my son to go to, I am dependent on my family to help with childcare while I am at work, I am dependent on my place of employment to ensure that I have income to support myself and my son and the list just keeps on going.

I used to think, okay I am not going to lie I still think very little of women who use their beauty and overall feminine wiles to get things that they wanted rather than working hard to get an education and earning what they needed.   I know very judgmental of me but I really don’t understand how a woman can justify purposely taking advantage of men because they are smitten by your beauty.  Obviously this can be used in the opposite direction too but I am concentrating on women and will hate on men another day when one of them ticks me off again ha ha ha.

While I still don’t agree with women who think that this is the only way to live I recently came to the realization that in certain times of my life I have relied on these same qualities to get my own way.  Be it smiling and giggling at the Policeman to avoid a fine or being more than friendly with the butcher to get a better piece of meat, or speaking a little softer and in a higher pitched voice to the man next to me to help me carry my shopping to my car, again not forgetting to smile and bat my eyelashes.

While we all know that looks fade the fact still remains that women are not going to be equal to men in my lifetime.  So while I hope and wish that all women will be educated and have the ability to live their lives as they wish to in the future I know it is not going to happen today or tomorrow or even this century so why not take advantage of the gifts that we have been blessed with?

If smiling at a man is going to get me out of a fine because I forgot to pay my car registration or will get me an extra piece of chicken in my lunch then why wouldn’t I?  Seriously who is it hurting?

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  1. hahaha good point there. Interesting read this was :) I sometimes think that if a guy is an idiot enough to act according to a girl's look, that's his fault. lol