Thursday, 15 August 2013

Three down, two and a half left

So my book is a collection of 6 short stories.  I have just finished the third one, Ella, and thought that I would give you another snippet to try and get you hooked :)

I quickly grabbed my bag but didn’t have time to grab my shoes as Lupe had begun throwing things at me.  I was forced to run even faster as the dogs chased me through the front gates and I heard the thudding of the rocks being thrown at me by my ex-husband’s mother.  I ran barefoot on the burning hot road that was covered in tiny rocks that cut into your flesh all the way to the hotel tears streaming down my face and my hands shaking.

I stood in the middle of the reception of the hotel sobbing, my hair all over the place with no shoes.  I looked up to see Mike standing there with his shirt off and water trickling down his six packed torso and without saying anything he just grabbed me in his arms and held me.  He didn’t ask me what was wrong it was as if he knew what had happened and that I just needed to be held.