Monday, 10 June 2013

Another snippet from a short story I am writing

So I have set a goal and am hoping to finish my collection of short stories by the end of July.  Here is a snippet from the short story titled 'I Miss You More'.  Let me know what you think!!!!

“What drink do you want Sef?”

“Gin and lemonade thanks mate.  So who’s this chick you’re looking for?”

“I went to school with her; she said she’s here with some of her mates.  You never know she could have some hot friends!”

As Dom hands me my drink he feels his pocket vibrate and reaches down to get his phone.  He reads the text and looks to his left bursting out laughing.

“What’s so funny Dom?”

“This girl man she just texted me to ask where I am and that she’s at the bar, uh hello she’s standing right next to me!”

Dom moves out of the way and points to the girl standing next to him.  There she stood China doll fair skin, long, straight black hair and big black eyes with perfect pink lips.

“Watch this!”  Dom said as showed me his phone and typed ‘I’m standing next to you, you egg lol.’

We couldn’t hear her get the message, just saw her look down at her phone and the most gorgeous smile came over her face and she looked up and saw Dom.  I was taken by surprise as she squealed like one of those ditzy blonde girls you see on the movies then she jumped up a couple times before she gave Dom a massive bear hug.

She was obviously drunk because what she said to Dom after the hug was barely understandable.  Dom looked over her shoulder and gave me an oh crap look.  Then she went silent and just stood there.  That is when Dom turned her to me and introduced us.

“Lily this is my friend Sefulu, Sefulu this is Lily.”

I put my hand out to shake hers and was shocked when I looked up and she was literally in my face.

“You’re drinking too slowly!” she shouted.

My lips parted to form a response but before a sound could come out she cut me off.

“Stop being a pussy!  Skull…skull…skull!”

She stood there and watched till I had skulled my whole drink, then she turned around and walked away.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


So I have had the attack of the insomnia monster these last couple of days, which has meant that I have had some time to write.  I have started writing two more short stories to add to my collection.  Here is a snippet from one of them titled Ella.  I hope you enjoy it.  Remember that if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to let me know.


By Morwenna Petaia

“Do you Ella take Apelu to be your lawfully wedded husband to love and to hold from this day forth?”

“This amazing man standing before me, who you all know as Bruce, is a wonderful, kind, thoughtful and selfless man who since I met him has brought me so much happiness and makes me want to be a better person.  Of course I want to be his wife!”

“And do you Apelu take Ella to be your lawfully wedded wife to love and to hold from this day forth?”

“My life has been far from easy, particularly moving away from my parents in Samoa but ever since I met Ella I have had nothing but peace of mind and I want my life to continue to have the beauty that is only brought about by having Ella by my side.  I would love nothing more than to have the privilege of being Ella’s husband.”

Tears ran down my face the second Bruce spoke those words, it didn’t even bother me that my mascara was running and we hadn’t even taken photos yet.  The warmth that pulsed through my body at the knowledge that I finally found a man who was honest, cute, and intelligent, had a good job, and was kind and funny and he loved me just as much as I loved him and he just agreed to be my husband!  These tears of sheer joy ran freely as Bruce lifted my veil and kissed me as my husband.

Bruce held my hand and guided me to the dance floor; it was our first official dance as a married couple.  I had spent weeks before our wedding teaching him the waltz.  It took a few weeks of bruised feet but Bruce being the determined man that he is managed to out dance me at our last practice session.  I could tell he was nervous because he started sniffling, his nose always runs when he is nervous.  I gently squeezed his hand and whispered in his ear “you will do great baby, just pretend it’s just the two of us.”  The music started and the soulful tones of Otis Redding filled the room “These arms of mine…”  We moved around the room in unison and I got lost in his arms and the closeness and the rhythm of the song made me wish that it was just the two of us.  I put my head on his shoulder and breathed in his sweet scent, always fresh and clean with a whiff of a fragrance I could never figure out.  I am still in awe that such a good man would be in love with me and has married me and that he also loves my daughter Sharon, even though he is not her biological father.  I felt so safe in his strong arms and I looked around the room and I was so proud of my husband and that all our guests were here to witness our love.  They all wore such lovely colours. 

Then all too quickly the colours faded to grey and the memories of that beautiful day blurred into the kitchen table and I heard his voice, that annoying high pitched almost a screech voice.  “It’s not a hickey honey, it’s a bruise.  I went to the doctor and got some hydrocortisone cream.  If you don’t believe me you can call the doctor and ask.”

You would think that after all this time he would come up with some more believable excuses for his adultery but no, Peter is far from being any kind of a man compared to Bruce, my sweet Bruce.