Sunday, 26 August 2012

My First Time

A wise person told me that Blogging is the thing to do if you want to write, so here I am.  I am not exactly sure what I should write.  I enjoy reading other people's blogs, but don't think that my life experiences will be as entertaining or worthwhile to read, but I am willing to give it a go and see how it goes.
I have been a columnist for the Samoa Observer for exactly 24 weeks now.  I was never really interested in writing so it was a little weird that I have found a love for it now.  I guess you could say that my interest in writing began when I wrote my first letter to the editor.  I found that it was so much fun to write down all the things that I wanted to express to a certain person face to face, but was either not given the opportunity or was just plain chicken.  My letters rolled in whenever I felt there was an injustice done to myself or I just didn't agree with something.  It was almost a therapeutic ritual to rid myself of all that bothered me.  This then transferred to my columns where I rant and rave about how I think things should be in Samoa (just going to do a plug that you can find my column every Saturday on page 10 of the Weekend Observer).
After speaking with Lani Wendt-Young one evening I was encouraged to begin writing short stories.  I had never thought that I would find this fun at all, I actually didn't believe that I had what it took creatively to write one.  As it turns out I thoroughly enjoyed writing my first short story and I spent the whole weekend writing.  It was almost like I was addicted and I couldn't stop until I had finished, and I didn't stop until I finished.
Having a full time job, a part time job and being a single mother I didn't have the chance to do anything with  the story until today.  So today was my first time to write a blog and it was also my first time to publish a short story online for everyone to read.
I was really nervous and slightly terrified at first because I honestly don't think that anyone will read it let alone like it.  I was complaining to a friend that no one has commented about my short story, 48 people have read it, but no one is commenting, how do I know if it is any good if they don't comment on it!  Like the wise man that he is, he pointed out that I was concentrating on the wrong thing.  I had only posted my story less than 4 hours earlier and in that time 48 people had read it!  My math sucks but that's a lot of people to be reading somethign that I had written in that amount of time.
A couple of hours later I have received some positive feedback which I am thrilled about, but I have also learnt that I need to concentrate on the positives.
So if you want to read my short story and leave a comment please visit: