Thursday, 12 March 2015

My First Australian Government Blog

Most of my posts have centred round Samoan and Pacific issues as that is where I lived for the last nine years.  I now live in Australia and I feel like sharing my opinion on the Bali situation. 

Photo Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald
I am sure you all know, but just to sum it up two Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran (pictured above), were found guilty of planning to smuggle heroin into Bali, Indonesia.  Their penalty for this crime is execution by firing squad.

While I feel that execution by firing squad is inhumane, I don’t think I am completely against the death penalty.  If one of my family members were murdered in cold blood I would want the death penalty for their killer.  I would not want to know that my loved one’s life has ended while their murderer is free to learn new skills, breathe fresh air, still see their loved ones and live a life.  Because regardless of whether they are locked in a jail and not able to have the same freedoms as you and I they are still living while my loved one is not.

The charges that these two people were found guilty of are not misdemeanors that require just a slap on the wrists.  Drugs are an enormous problem not only in Australia, but throughout the world.  Drugs and their effects do not just have an impact on the individual drug user, it impacts their families and the whole of Australia.  Alcohol and drug related problems are some of the more common reasons people in Australia seek medical attention.  I love our Medicare system and don’t think it should change, but I don’t think that Australian taxpayers should have to bear the burden of drug related health issues.

While I feel for these two individuals and their families I believe that Indonesia have every right to uphold their rights and stop the often fatal drugs from entering into their country.  I feel it was wrong of Australia to remind Indonesia that they gave them billions of dollars in aid after the tsunami.  This indicates that the aid that Australia gives is tied and you are bound to do whatever Australia wants if you are to continue to receive not only the aid but the patronage of Australian tourists.  You visit a country because you want to experience a new culture and to see the beauty of the land.  If you decide to boycott for this sole reason then really you are hurting yourself because Indonesia is such a beautiful country with so much to offer.  People around the world are not going to stop going for this one reason.

People say you need to dig deeper and know that if the ADF had done something earlier then this would not have happened.  This is so true!  Why are you now picking on a country for carrying out their laws and caring for their country?  Why are the Government of Australia not asking their federal police why they did not stop this from happening when they had all the information from the beginning?  I know this is harsh but they did their crime and knew the consequences, I don’t see this verdict is going to change.

As for getting upset at the fact that Indonesian police monitored the transfer of prisoners through photographs, are you serious!?  They were not showing the prisoners being harmed or in a derogatory way.  In fact the photos were tasteful in comparison to the photos of members of the Indonesian Army photographed with an innocent member of the West Papua community who they had just killed!  Why is the Australian Government not outraged by the treatment of these innocent human beings in West Papua?  Why is no one boycotting Indonesia for their murderous actions in West Papua?

Now is the time for my conspiracy theory.  I feel the Government of Australia is feeling guilty because they know they could have stopped the Bali Nine incident from happening, but instead chose to see what would happen and if these nine led to even bigger drug lords with whom they could convict.  Now that Australia see that the Indonesian government will be transparent and actually put into play the skills in governance and law they received through technical assistance from Australian Aid, the Australian Government now want Indonesia to revert to their corrupt former selves and make exceptions to laws because they are Australian?  I feel that there are more pressing issues that Australia should concentrate on rather than trying to fix a mess out of guilt for not moving to action and preventing the whole mess in the first place!
Ok I feel that I have sufficiently shared my thoughts, what do you think?

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