Monday, 10 June 2013

Another snippet from a short story I am writing

So I have set a goal and am hoping to finish my collection of short stories by the end of July.  Here is a snippet from the short story titled 'I Miss You More'.  Let me know what you think!!!!

“What drink do you want Sef?”

“Gin and lemonade thanks mate.  So who’s this chick you’re looking for?”

“I went to school with her; she said she’s here with some of her mates.  You never know she could have some hot friends!”

As Dom hands me my drink he feels his pocket vibrate and reaches down to get his phone.  He reads the text and looks to his left bursting out laughing.

“What’s so funny Dom?”

“This girl man she just texted me to ask where I am and that she’s at the bar, uh hello she’s standing right next to me!”

Dom moves out of the way and points to the girl standing next to him.  There she stood China doll fair skin, long, straight black hair and big black eyes with perfect pink lips.

“Watch this!”  Dom said as showed me his phone and typed ‘I’m standing next to you, you egg lol.’

We couldn’t hear her get the message, just saw her look down at her phone and the most gorgeous smile came over her face and she looked up and saw Dom.  I was taken by surprise as she squealed like one of those ditzy blonde girls you see on the movies then she jumped up a couple times before she gave Dom a massive bear hug.

She was obviously drunk because what she said to Dom after the hug was barely understandable.  Dom looked over her shoulder and gave me an oh crap look.  Then she went silent and just stood there.  That is when Dom turned her to me and introduced us.

“Lily this is my friend Sefulu, Sefulu this is Lily.”

I put my hand out to shake hers and was shocked when I looked up and she was literally in my face.

“You’re drinking too slowly!” she shouted.

My lips parted to form a response but before a sound could come out she cut me off.

“Stop being a pussy!  Skull…skull…skull!”

She stood there and watched till I had skulled my whole drink, then she turned around and walked away.

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