Tuesday, 22 January 2013

No longer like Carrie Bradshaw

I went to Australia for the Christmas holidays and didn't have the opportunity to see my column in print for a while.  When I returned last week I made sure to look for my column in the paper because in my head I still don't believe that I write a column in a paper so seeing it just reassures me that I am not dreaming.  It wasn't there!  A little confused I thought a mix up may have happened because they may not have received my email or that it was changed to a different day.

I was gutted when I received a reply to my query stating that the paper had reviewed their programs and decided to cut out a few of the opinion columns and mine was one of them.  That sadness turned to anger as I re read the email and realised that the decision to make the cut was from TWO weeks ago and I had toiled longs hours penning my columns and ensuring that they were received before the deadline for the last two weeks when I didn't have to!  I felt very unappreciated and it made me lose some respect in the professionalism of the paper.

However, I am so greatful that I had the opportunity to write, express and expand my views and so these learning experiences are what I will take with me and the sourness of my final hour as a bona fide columnist will be rewritten with a fairy tale ending like aliens bombed the newspaper office and they were no longer able to publish newspapers.

So while I am no longer like Carrie Bradshaw in that we no longer share the same profession, we are both still really hot and sexy, this will not stop me from writing and instead of sending my columns to a paper I can put all of my thoughts and opinions here in the blog world.

On another note I have finished a draft of the full Candy story and after I make a few more tweeks I will be posting it here for you all to read.

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